Picture Time!

Photos courtesy of the Kristiina Nieminen Collection. Captions courtesy of Kristiina Nieminen's brain. I went and took a walk on the seaside in Lauttasaari. If you look really hard, you can see a man walking his dog somewhere in this picture.

I don't even know what these little tree nuggets are called. But they're cute as hell.

Banners on Yrjönkatu. I had to crop the bottom because pedestrians are ugleh.

On my way to return some books to Kaisa-talo and the ceiling looked oddly attractive.

Yours truly risked her life for this one on the melting ice surrounding Lauttasaari. The ice creaked and cracked but I desperately wanted a close-up.

I scraped my knees for this. Enjoy.

Seminargh (Or: “20 Handy Hints to Help you Write your Gradu.”)

Bowties Are Cool, pt. 2