Podcast: Intercultural Happy Hour Episode 3

Once again, it's time for a brand spanking new episode of the Intercultural Happy Hour! However, before we get to the podcast itself, I have some exciting news! In addition to continuing to appear on this wonderful website, this podcast is now also available on both iTunes and Stitcher! What this means is that you can now download this podcast straight to your phone and enjoy it on the go! It also means that you can subscribe to the podcast and get every new episode as soon as they are released! How? Well, it's quite simple actually! If you've got an iPhone, you can just go to the Podcast app and search for "Intercultural Happy Hour". Once you find it, just hit subscribe and you're all set! In addition, you could also get the free Stitcher app and subscribe to the podcast through that. Stitcher is available on both iOS and Android platforms making it possible for even more of you to get easier access to the podcast. If anyone has any other app platforms that they'd like to see the podcast appear on, please drop me a line about them and I promise I'll look into it. You can contact me either through twitter @jespersimola or then via email at interculturalhappyhour@gmail.com. One more request: I'd really appreciate it if you could please take the time to rate and review the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher because they have some super fancy algorithms that make the podcast more visible as it receives more reviews and ratings. I'm also genuinely interested in hearing your feedback about the show. I'm continuing to learn more as I go but any and all feedback by you would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch! I also need to give a quick shout out to libsyn.com for providing me with the means to finally get my podcast out to iTunes and Stitcher. Now, on to the podcast! My guest this week is a very good friend of mine by the name of Laura Kurki who writes for all kinds of different sources around the internet including this very website that you're staring at right now! With Laura, we talk about learning English through unorthodox means and about visiting Indonesia while also getting into various horrible teachers that she's had the displeasure of experiencing. Come for the insight and stay for the mindboggling stories about inept teachers! I think I'm allowed to make fun of teachers because I've been training to become one myself. It's in the Code of Teachers.

Just one more note here at the end: BTSB will be going on summer hiatus after this issue. However, the podcast will continue to come out each month. What this means is that the summer episodes of the podcast will only be available through iTunes and Stitcher so please subscribe today if you'd like to continue receiving your monthly dose of interculturality! You can also follow me on twitter to receive the latest updates regarding the podcast appearing on other platforms. Once BTSB resumes after the summer, the podcast will once again start appearing here on its home turf.

Thank you all for taking the time to listen to this podcast of mine! As someone who has been an avid listener of podcasts for quite a few years now, it's been a real kick working on my own podcast and I'm incredibly excited to see how this adventure will continue to evolve.

Have a great summer and enjoy the latest podcast with Laura Kurki!

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