Six Songs for Xmas Season

The Christmas season, as we all know and love to complain about, starts earlier every year. A casualty of this situation is our appreciation of Christmas carols. Hearing Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer once has one anticipating the upcoming holiday cheer. Hearing it for the 101st time makes one consider that it should be banned by the Geneva convention.

With this in mind, here are some alternative songs that will not have outplayed their welcome by mid-December.

6. Hanoi Rocks: Dead by Xmas

Before Lordi, these guys were what Finland had to be proud of, as far as cheesy rock and roll went. Who knows what possessed them to make a Xmas song (intoxication, possibly), but it’s energetic stuff all the same.

5. Caprice: Christmas Lullaby

Admittedly sweet, possibly to the point of soppy, this is still something that hasn’t been played a hundred times. This ethereal tune will soothe any post-glög headaches.

4. Oil 10: Christmas Machine

The French electro setup delivers what could be Kraftwerk’s Christmas hit, if there was such a mind-boggling thing. If one should wish to dance in lieu of stuffing one’s face with pork, it’s now possible.

3. Monty Python: 12 days of xmas

Far as my googling goes, only exists as fan fiction. Perhaps this should be the number one; what is better popular Christmas song than that which nobody can make you actually listen to?

2. Type O Negative: Red Water (Christmas Mourning)

About as appropriate for the darkest time of the year as it’s going to get, and many would say this is the uncontested number one. But…

1. The Pogues: Fairytale of New York

Just cannot be beaten. Merry Christmas all of you students and other assorted lowlifes!

Hell’s bells, Jingle Bells!

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