Public Service Announcement: Guide to Anniversary Dinner Party Etiquette

Those of you who have been checking all the mail that comes through SUB's mailing list should be aware of the fact that SUB will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on March 17th. Better Than Sliced Bread has previously discussed proper table party manners and etiquette before, as seen here.

However, an anniversary dinner, especially the fourtieth anniversary, is an occasion of slightly more gravity than a normal table party. Since an anniversary dinner is a much more posh occasion, we have taken upon us the task of highlighting how an anniversary dinner differs from a more traditional table party.


As mentioned in the invitation to the anniversary dinner, the dresscode is formal. That means black suits, white shirts and ties for the gentlemen and formal dresses for the ladies. PROTIP: If your suit/dress for your Wanhojen tanssit (if you took part in them) wasn't a rental, you can put it to good use at the anniversary dinner!

Hats, if they must be worn, should be kept off at the table and should only be of the top and bowler varieties for gentlemen. Do remember that monocles become compulsory upon the introduction of top hats, as do walking sticks.


All standard rules of table party etiquette apply, including the ones that govern toasting and not talking during speeches. Also, considering the gravity and festivity of the occasion, one should take that last point especially to heart.

While there will be singing as usual at the anniversary dinner, unlike at a normal table party where songs may be requested by anyone, the tradition at anniversary dinner parties is to relay all song requests through one person, being the Master of Ceremonies (being my translation for "laulunjohtaja" on account of being so wicked). All song requests are to be handled through the MC in order to avoid confusion and such.

The anniversary dinner does involve consumption of alcohol, but in this moderation is key. While the point is to have a good time, it is also important to keep one's own limits in mind in order to avoid breaking all of the above rules and making a spectacle out of oneself.

That is, until the after-party.

After-party Etiquette

All bets are off. You're on your own. Enjoy and have a good time!

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