Letters to the Editor, January 2011

As a new feature each month, in the event that we have gotten any feedback, the staff of BTSB will answer questions that have been sent to us via email and try to address the issues raised therein. Onwards to our first email:

Hi Mr. Editor, I'm not really replying to the Moving to Helsinki-thing, since I'm Helsinki born and bread. But I was just wondering, is there any possibility to have a creative writing section in the site, like poetry and short stories? Back in the day magazines used to publish short pieces of fiction, and I wish they still did that more :)

Cheers, Kaisa

Dear Kaisa,

Thank you for taking the time to write about this issue. Admittedly, our beloved webzine has seen a lack of fiction and poetry for quite some time now and we haven't addressed this lack all that well. However, I would like to stress that just like before Better Than Sliced Bread is open to all kinds of submissions and this includes poems and short stories.

Also, you may find this and the following two issues more to your liking, as not only has our new editor Niko taken it upon himself to provide us with new poems each month, our old acquaintance Katariina Kottonen has submitted to us a trio of poems, the first of which you can find in this month's issue.

So, to put all that in a nutshell, we are more than happy to publish any and all short stories and poems sent to us and you may see more poetry and prose in the future.

Yours truly, Mr. Editor

Best in Helsinki

tomorrow. part i, john