The Best of BTSB

To celebrate the beginning of the autumn term, we here at Better Than Sliced Bread would like to welcome all new freshmen and salute all readers, old and new! Especially for those who peruse these pages for the first time, we give you some of the greatest hits from the past year or so to get you started on your careers as BTSB readers (and maybe writers too!). Looking back at 2012-13, BTSB was critical of the surrounding society. We had our say on the student allowance discussion, went and criticized the new university library and gave our twopence on the current state of Ylioppilaslehti. Without forgetting our take on sexism in roleplaying games and ground-breaking film charities! Further, BTSB covered different angles of student life from writing a gradu to being an exchange student.

These should get you started, don't you think? And be not afraid of venturing past the first few pages of our current publication format, you will find movie reviews, comics recommendations, indie-gamer enthusiasm, an interview with Santa Claus, essays, poems, short stories and more and more and more!

As always, feel free to comment, share and do follow us on Twitter (@TheReal_BTSB)! Once more a warm welcome for newcomers and a "hi there" for old goldies. It'll be a tremendous year, maybe even Better Than Sliced Bread!

Practical Approaches, Broken Noses

Practical Approaches, Broken Noses

Freshman Haikus