Advertisement: Get our super-cute overall patch!

Looking for a cool Christmas present to your special student friend or brony? Look no more, because Better Than Sliced Bread’s overall patch is here for your patch needs! Journalism is magic.

The patch is well made, 10 centimeters in diameter and just look at the design! And while wearing this über-stylish pony on your overalls/bag/t-shirt, you simultaneously advertise a great webzine!

You can order the patch directly from us, for a measly price of 3 euros and 50 cents (including postage)!

Just send your name, address and the amount of patches you wish to order to When we receive your order, we’ll give you the account number into which you can pay your purchase. We’ll mail the patches to you as soon as we receive the payment.

Don’t wait any longer – decorate your overalls with awesomeness!

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