Chief Editor's Note: The Times They Are A-Changin

We all know that change is a constant part of human life. Relationships change, our University changes, our work changes. Especially during these financially unstable times where students seem to be disposable working fuel for large companies, change seems inevitable. Change, and leaving, which is an essential part of change, is also an inspiration to countless artists. Change Your Mind, Dammit, I Changed Again, Wind of Change, We Never Change, Changes… It’s everywhere. And the ways to react to changes vary as well. I myself don’t like changes that much and still am facing them regularly and quite often I’m even a part of them. My job at a company I had been a part of for four years just ended and I feel almost like the company itself changed and I just didn’t fit into the result. BTSB is changing; my dear co-chief-editor Patrik Renholm is finding new challenges to face (such as graduating) and it will be interesting to try to work without him by my side (don’t worry fans, he’ll still be around writing and attending our meetings!).

Although I don’t like changes, I still try to find comfort in those artists who describe it and their words. David Bowie watched the Berlin wall fall and was still able to write, “Changes are taking the pace I’m going through.” In my humble opinion the lyrics mean that although changes happen around you and although some of them you cannot help, you still can have a say on what happens inside yourself.

I believe it’s possible that through some changes that seem negative, you can hold on, struggle and make it or decide to jump out of the ride and find an alternative solution. Sometimes giving up and letting go aren’t signs of weakness and giving up a fight, they're just a way of taking care of yourself and simply a wise thing to do. We, you and I our dear reader, have to accept the ongoing changes around us, since most of those are something we cannot control (and those things we can, we shouldn’t overlook and think as puny). But even with overwhelming changes, what we can decide is the changes that happen inside us. With current major changes in my life (not talking about Patrik leaving though), I could let the bitterness in and give in to it. But I think I'll rather turn and face the strain. And always remember, that for the loser now will later to win, for the times they, they are a-changin’.

I hope you’ll have a wonderfully relaxing Christmas and a sparkling new year. I also hope that you enjoy our not-too-Christmassy-Christmas-issue and find us again in January! In this issue we’ll hear farewells from our co-chief-editor Patrik, take a look at Helsinki’s comic book stores and what are this year's best comics to read, introduce you to the world of podcasts, know more things about Kaisa-talo, learn about problems with globalization and most of all, welcome two new writers, Iida and Jani!

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