I Have This Friend Who Likes Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams played a concert in Finland last night, 07 December 2007. And BTSB has got the whole story. This article is a report from a man who wishes to remain unknown to the public. You can rest assured that he is not me. Or that I am not him. Whatever, just remember that I did not go to the Bryan Adams concert.

“Do you have the tickets?”



I thought that maybe, if I didn’t wear a hat, my ears would freeze on the way there and I wouldn’t be able to hear anything. I thought that the doorman would realize that I have already been through enough high school dances, have pity, and not let me in because I don’t need to hear that song from that Robin Hood movie anymore. I thought that if I walked in front of a bus, I just might live and not have to go to the show. Then I thought that Bryan Adams is probably the type of guy to do solo courtesy concert in the hospital rooms of poor schmucks that get hit by buses on the way to his shows.

Yes, these are the things that I thought. And yes, all were hopeless. So I asked my girlfriend once more, with dire hope in my heart, “Do you have the tickets?”



With nothing else left, I followed the crowd inside. And I was shocked. I never thought that anything in the world could make me want to see Bryan Adams. Then I saw the opening band. But they were only the first of many surprises.

Did you know Bryan Adams has a sense of humor? Well, he does and he’s quite funny (for some reason, I thought this wasn’t allowed.). Then there was the beginning of the show. I’m not going to ruin it for anyone, but it was pretty damn creative. I was impressed. And I’ve seen Marilyn Manson. Speaking of impressed, for you musicians, there were enough guitars on stage to leave Pete Townsend impressed. Well, not quite that many, but you get the idea. Although, the really cool, really low-key, and unfortunately a far too rare thing was when he introduced the band. In short, I actually had a good time. And despite my expectations, Bryan Adams rocked. (Editor’s note: Please remember that the author of this article, whose name is at the top of this page, did not go to the Bryan Adams concert. He is merely relating the story of someone else.)

There were two great things about that show. The first came during said rocking. I’m standing on the floor (standing and not rocking out, I don’t care what you heard), and I have an epiphany. Bryan Adams is a good thing. I am happy that my girlfriend likes Bryan Adams. Because if she bought Pantera tickets, it would scare the hell out of me. If we woke up one morning and she said, “Honey, let’s listen to Screeching Weasel all day,” my head would explode. That’s what I’m supposed to do.

Second, and my personal favorite: the bass player. I am certain this man was neither in the band nor playing along to the songs. But he was groovin’. He stood there in the back corner, just strumming and glancing at the drummer every so often to see what was going on. Then, in the middle of some songs, his face would say, “Hey, I know this one,” and he would stroll up to the mic to lay down some background vocals. I don’t know where they found that guy but I’m guessing Sture Jazz Club. I can just see him sitting in the corner when B. Adams and crew cruise up, throw him in the car, and take off. Definitely the type of guy that just rolls with the punches.

After all this, I tried to tell my girlfriend that she owes me big time, but she still won’t go to see Lamb of God with me. Damn.

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