I vs. Me

BTSB has obtained an official transcript from the mind of a man at odds with himself.

The following sentences were acquired by a thought gathering machine. They describe both machine and patient.

My old self has always been there. He’s a part of it all.

My new self just came around one day. He’s been interesting, but he’s not going anywhere.

The old me works out of habit, he’s stuck in them. Everything the new me does is new.

The new me downloads Garth Brooks and Charlie Daniels. The old me begs for Screeching Weasel. The old me is fine with downloading. We listen to Garth Brooks.

My old self goes to the bar to get wasted. My new self wants to go home. We go home.

My old self wants a doctor to examine my new self. My new self wonders why it needs to be questioned.

My new self is fine by itself. My old self always needed to be around others.

My old self liked to be with my girlfriend. My new self wants her and no-one else.

The old me knows my friends. The new me feels he’ll be called out of place.

Friends call the old me. The new me answers.

The old me wonders what happened. The new me thinks of what to do next.

The new me is glad that crying baby and its mother are behind me on this bus. The old me wishes they were in front so we could scowl.

The old me had no particular place to be. The new me feels at home.

The old me was sure that somehow it was all going to get fucked up. The new me has trust.

The old me has to be right at all costs. This enrages the new me.

My old self gets angry at things. My new self gets angry at my old self.

My old self obtained maturity. My new self thinks itself mature. I wish I could agree.

My old self was the only important one to us. My new self feels that there may be others around.

The old me figured we weren’t going to make it too long. The new me is sure of it.

They go back and forth so often that nothing ever gets done.

And do I have to keep listening to it?

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