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Friends, it goes without saying that there is a problem with popular radio. I have wondered how they could possibly play the stuff they play. My deep-seated feelings for the radio have caused our conversations to end in mutual antipathy at best and heated arguments at worst. Therefore, I venture no longer to burden you with my love, my questions, my anger on this subject. I address the radio directly: Dear Radio,

You have been the father of mass communication. You have spanned generations. When more advanced technology threatened to make you obsolete, you stood strong. How I have loved you, and how I now, dare I say it, despise you. I fear, Radio, your time is near at hand.

You lie now in the comfortable arms of The Record Companies, who forever pump out what they alone deem right and good. But your unflinching loyalty to them has alienated me, my friend. Do you know how it pains me to hear you play whatever they give you, without questioning its value? Do you ever wonder how it makes me feel to hear you abandon greatness in favor of mediocrity, just because your patron The Record Companies tells you to? Do you expect me to believe you when you say that the atrocious noise you spew is actually good new music? No, I can not buy into those lies. Yet, unlike so many others, I am not ready to give you up. I am not ready to let you go. But a change is needed if we are to maintain our relationship, indeed, and more importantly for us both, if you are to survive the storm that is brewing.

Allow me to explain the situation, for it seems you have been blinded. The people are angry, my friend. They are outraged at The Record Companies. They are fed up with paying so much for so little. They lash out on their own. They steal and they burn without remorse. They have forgotten that you are our voice, you are our leader. And, as much at it hurts me to say it, I feel you may have forgotten that too.

There is something that you must realize: you are in a dangerous spot. This battle between we, the people, and The Record Companies will not go on forever. No matter how hard they try to protect their discs, no matter what lawsuits they throw at us, they are doomed to fail. They are outnumbered and out skilled. Their attacks are merely delaying the inevitable. You must change your ways, dear Radio, because they will go down, and when they do, you will go with them.

But hear me, it doesn’t have to be like that. I know you like The Record Companies; I understand. No one wants to bite the hand that feeds them. But I also know that you like our side, at least you say you do. Remember the days when you catered to us and how we rewarded you for it? Please, do not feel like I am making you choose two sides in a war. There is a third way, a way where we can all live in harmony. And that way lies with you.

Now is the time for you to stand up. Now is the time for you to flex your muscles and shake the chains that bind you- the chains of that evil empire, The Record Companies. You have the ability to say no to the sorry excuse for music that they are feeding you. You have the ability to tell them that you will no longer play this mindless dribble. Do not be afraid, we are behind you.

Think of it, the knowledge you have of music can unite us all. Although not at first, The Record Companies will eventually thank you for opening their eyes. When you use your power to force them to put out music that the people want to hear, they will benefit. No longer will they have to prey on our weak and our young, they will be able to please us all, and they will be rewarded for it. And it will all have been because of you; because you stood up for what was good and what was in the interest of us all.

I know you can do it. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers, those who claim you were never good. It will be hard at first, yes, but it is the only course of action at this point. Now is the time to act. Hesitate, and I fear we may never dance to you again.

Yours Sincerely,

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