A Glimpse into iNMatES

This is not the greatest poem in the worldactually, this is not a poem at all this is a tribute to the greatest trip in the history of two-thousand-elevens. Inmates 2011, never forget. I thought I had fun in Thursday's Appro but the next day proved me wrong. An awesome bunch of people wandering the roads of Turku. I saw a shirtless Oscar dance and played the part of a dead fag. I saw an inmate picking up soap and another impressed by the act leading to manly love and shanking but no apologies, no thankyous. At the end of the first day it was cold and dark in the cell but I had a prison map tattooed on my back. Handcuffed to a blonde walking around the bar I fought my way through and woke up alive. Strawberries and cucumber mayo is the new scrambled eggs give it a go, I tell you you won't be disappointed.

Dogs Jumping Fences and People Running Next To Them

The Spring