Poetry: A New Beginning

Wipe off those tears, little child and prepare for an amazing, new life Even though the days of childhood and the joyful, careless days of summer have gone away, disappearing from the sky like birds before the first frosts of winter This is not the end, but a glorious new beginning

You must bid farewell to the soothing caress of your mother and with an open heart embrace your new family they might be a band of red overalls and quirky senses of humour but they will look after you and hold your hand in the dark for them no obstacle is too great, no mountain is too high forever they will roam the hallways of Metsätalo to fulfil their promises and help you find what you need

The next years of your life will be happier than you ever imagined if you have the courage to trust, to try, to partake and to dive in head first in the bottomless pond of student activies and great, great fun.

Memoirs of an Exchange Student - part 1: The End Is Nigh

BTSB Presents: Excerpts from The SUB Board Friendbook, pt. 1