Word of the Week: Balcoholic

Word of the week brings you up close and personal with the noble tongue of English. This tongue will be wiggled in places where only the brave dare venture. Balcoholic :: bal⋅co⋅hol⋅ic :: /ˈbælkəˈhɔlɪk, -ˈhɒlɪk/

-noun [bulimic + alcoholic]The toilet, friend to balcoholics everywhere.

One who drinks so much alcohol that they are forced to vomit.

Hence balcoholism, the condition of being a balcoholic

Origin: 2009 Unknown graduate student addressing the new freshmen, "Being an undergraduate usually means trying to restrain your balcoholism. And all that starts now."


Word of the Week: Edititis

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To Make Out