Word of the Week: Edititis

Word of the week brings you up close and personal with the noble tongue of English. This tongue will be wiggled in places where only the brave dare venture. Edititis :: ed⋅it⋅ti⋅tis :: /ˈɛdɪ'taɪtɪs/ -nounThe red pen - weapon of choice for most edititis sufferers.

a mental affliction characterized by the inability to refrain from proofreading everything one reads.

You must excuse my professor, he is on some heavy, self-prescribed medication to deal with his edititis.

Origin: The term was coined by Dr. Colin Irving in an article in the medical journal Medical Journal in 1839 to describe the condition which drove Sir Ryan Francis insane. Sir Ryan Francis was the first editor in chief of the gossip rag Better Than Sliced Bread from 1800-1839.


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