Word of the Week: Excess

Word of the week brings you up close and personal with the noble tongue of English. This tongue will be wiggled in places where only the brave dare venture. excess :: ex⋅cess :: /ˈɛksɛs/ -noun 1. superfluously redundant: "you, sir, are an excess," said the president to the flustered pacifist. 2. former success: winner of Olympic gold in 1996, Heli Rantanen is nowadays considered a huge excess. -adjective 3. pertaining to or derived from a singular intent to breed a manatee: though a certified nature-lover, the applicant was chosen over the others due to his excess enthusiasm.

Origin: Originally from the Old Norse incantation jeg e ksess morden hjoerd meaning "I derive pleasure from watching you retch". 1680; a footnote in Ret. Hon. Lord Hickney of Marlborough's journal: "So hither has Creator dumped His excess crap." [tags]word,of,the,week,excess[/tags]

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