Just When You Think Life Couldn’t Get Any Worse…

…you’re filmed on home video while instructing your mirror image how sexy you’d look while wearing a crotchless Stormtrooper outfit. …you receive a bill to cover the expense of paper used for all your other, unsettled bills.

…you wake up after a wild night of partying naked in a neighbourhood populated by minor ethnicities, with several, very unorthodox racial slurs tattooed on your chest.

…your grief of losing the only copy of your Master’s Thesis in a computer malfunction only gets worse when you’re tried, fined and kicked out of the University for plagiarism.

...you’re forced to travel with public transportation to your own wedding, and the drunk with an inexcusably horrid body odour sitting next to you passes out and loses control of his bowel.

...a little, frail old lady robs you cold with a threatening handbag, and after reporting this to the police, they lock you up for coming up with such an outright lie.

...you get confused because you’re forced to decide between avoiding the car approaching you at break-neck speed or picking up the stack of 500€ notes that happen to lie in the middle of the lane. [tags]life, get, worse[/tags]

Perspective! Vol. 1

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