A Tiny Fashion Report from SUB’s 40th Annual party

A tiny fashion report from SUB’s 40th Annual party (*)  

This year’s anniversary party had a drastic difference compared to previous years: The dress code informed in advance was truly formal, not the smart casual we’re so used to in SUB’s sitsit. This stirred some conversation before the party: can one come without a long dress, should men have tuxedos? Despite of questions, a notable group of people attended the party with some beautiful garments.


Men in Black


This fashion reporter was happy to see men in black suits and most did very well. We were even lucky enough to witness men wearing actual tailcoats and one of our editors did especially well, wearing a top hat on top of everything! It’s always hard to make notions about black suits; if it’s well cut it suits you. What was left to be desired was distinguishable shoes; they would be a good way to make your outfit even more perfect! I have a feeling that this spring and summer we’re going to see more and more light and pastel colors in men’s shoes. Well-stitched white shoes are cool, but they take a lot of that, well, hustler attitude. So for many it’s easier to start from, for example, black-and-white shoes. Stay tuned for autumn’s colors; I think we might see more really bright colors (yay!). But altogether, what bunch of handsome guys! (Psst... The navy uniforms were really cool)


Girls in Rainbow Colors


SUB’s women looked gorgeous, as always, the notable colors this time being the different shades of purple. The few people I interviewed said that they hadn’t made their dress-choices based on this season’s trends, although there were some trendy red and powder-colored dresses in the bunch! Anyway, everybody looked fantastic. I even heard that some people made their own dresses, what talent!


One thing that this reporter wants to point out is that with long dresses it’s important that your hair’s done nicely as well (okey, I know that many red carpet looks have been very “casual” for over a year. But come on, they’ve put three hours to that one hair to look so airy). And note that it doesn’t have to be complicated, although we did see some fantastic compositions! There were Lady Gaga -bows, chains in chignons and pretty topknots decorated with origami flowers, plumes and pretty pins.


And guys, don’t underestimate good hair gel- with such a small investment you get the chance to make your hair stand in attention and be the final touch on your outfit!


I want to thank SUB and all of you pretty party people for making the night so great!


*Okay, so the reason for not having pictures and this article being somewhat short is the fundamental journalistic one: I was very drunk at the time.

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