SUB's Christmas Party Fashion Report

Christmas parties in Finland are in general the best chances to cheat your special someones, drink too much and dress in awfully “funny” Christmas-themed accessories, such as toy reindeer horns. These parties are also great places to show your impeccable sense of style. In SUB’s annual Christmas party that took place already in November BTSB’s fashion reporter saw some positive manifestations of this, but also a little bit too much of that same old same old. SUB’s parties are normally known for their casual atmosphere and the Christmas party wasn’t an exception. To avoid any misunderstandings, this reporter fully supports the casual dress code -thing (except in anniversary dinner parties, where she thinks that cocktail dresses and suits without ties are no-nos), but still thinks that it would be fun for people to try out something a bit more extraordinary in their attire once in a while.

However it should be taken into account that Wäiski isn’t maybe the best venue for classy sassy parties, no matter how nice the being-on-a-boat-like-Old-Spice-man angle is. Changing the venue for a change could encourage SUB’s party people to step up their fashion game.

Luckily this year’s party also showed real glimpses of style and luckily no major fashion disasters took place.

Lassies and Lashes

This BTSB’s fashion reporter saw some really classy dresses on the party women. Traditional black dresses were accompanied with black dresses with a little extra something: glitter, interesting cuts and frills. This year’s Millenium-styled silver and glitter nostalgia wasn’t present in Wäiski, although it has been presented in many Finnish style magazines as the look of the Christmas party season. Also the twenties-style wasn’t there, although many SUBbers have showed already in the Speakeasy party that they can handle this style more than perfectly. Environment lovers will be positively surprised to hear that some second hand dresses were also worn very eloquently.

One thing that this reporter thought she saw too much was just plain jeans and sweater-style going on with both lads and lassies. If you don’t want to go for the suits and dresses, you can spice it up with just nice shoes, purses and other accessories.

Boys Ahoy

These lads with their suits, oh my! This year there were some really nice surprises: many men whom I have not seen wearing suits before had one on and it looked glam! A jacket, which fits looks great with only jeans and a T-shirt, not to mention suit trousers and a tie. Fitting dress shirts looked good as well. The so-called lumberja-, hipster-style manifested itself in the party too but individual tastes differ with this style, actually so much that reading about those opinions wouldn’t be interesting (go browse Gucci Goth and then play the Dickhead song, you get both sides).

Make My Party Punk

The SUB’s Christmas party fashion varied this year. So

me guys and girls really showed that it doesn’t matter if the venue isn’t that glamorous, you can still pull off cocktail dresses and complete suits anyhow. Only a handful of these positive surprises are captured in pictures below and hopefully they give some idea of the great variety of styles present.

On behalf of the whole BTSB crew, the reporter wishes you a Fierce Christmas!

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