SUBliminal Messages: Is Now the Time to Say All the Goodbyes and the Thank Yous?

This is actually the third version of this column. In the previous ones I’ve told about SUB’s achievements this year, what kinds of fun events SUB has organized, how SUB is the best student organization there is, and so on and so on. But then it hit me: You know all this already.

I’m just going to keep it simple, then, so here goes: Thank you all for this great, great year. There are no words that could describe how great and amazing this year has been. Thank you, SUBbers, you dear, dear friends.

As for the goodbyes, I’m not going to open up as I thought I would. You already know how proud I am to have been the President of SUB. It has been an honor. But this is the way it goes: some have to say their goodbyes, some continue their career and others are only starting their paths in SUB. Congratulations SUB board 2011! Next year will bring some changes, possibly some challenges and lots of new possibilities. I am confident that the next SUB board is up for meeting those challenges and also up for creating something completely new.

It’s also the time to say goodbye to this year, 2010, soon. Let’s remember this as a year of great fun and great friends and let’s be grateful that we all indeed were brought together by this wonderful student organization

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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