BTSB: The End of an Era

Another year is soon to be behind us and the holiday season is upon us. No time would be better than this to not only reflect upon the past year and also to take a look into the future.

This year Better Than Sliced Bread experienced one of the most dramatic changes in its entire existence, namely a change of its running staff from the original minds behind it to a group of new braves feeling up to the challenge of running an academic webzine. Not only has the zine seen more regular updates, a bunch of new writers and some new features, it has also succeeded at what we set out to do as our main goal: to bring the zine more closely in tune with current events in SUB and English Philology.

Next year will also see a change in staff: as my co-editor Maria Koistinen, currently residing in the United States of America, has left her post behind, we welcome a new editor to aid me in the job of running SUB's beloved webzine. As BTSB goes on a lengthy break for the end of the year it shall return next year, like a long-running movie franchise receiving a gritty reboot or a strange messianic phoenix-like creature rising from the dead.

This year's final issue of Better Than Sliced Bread has been specifically crafted for your enjoyment, so that you may better enjoy this holiday season.

Yours,Patrik Renholm Editor

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