Poem of The Feeble-Minded Cashier

Deadline, Deadline

I forgot to write!

Deadline, Deadline

I'm running out of time

The theme of our webzine is working life and studies so I'll just get to it and try not to worry

A stream of my consciousness splashing on the paper

Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of a life filled with action and glory working at the local grocery

Fifteen years later I have reached my goal I have achieved my destiny and work for minimum wage

The average every-day normal guy a nerdy Clark Kent on the outside but inside the greatest hero of the mall, the greatest of them all.

The superman of the supermarket The Captain America of customer service

To me every client is always right

to me the same old joke is always funny ”if it doesn't have a price-tag, it must be free”

oh Sir, please, I'm laughing too hard to breathe

Just call me names if you can't find something,

I'm here for the first time, but I should know everything

It's all my fault you dropped the yoghurt

let me clean it up and get you a new one.

All I ask for is a little smile and perhaps,

if it's not too much to ask a simple understanding of basic math

you see, the computer does not miscalculate and I'm not here to steal your change

I'm here to take care of all your needs

to look after your kids while you drink beer

to find a gift for your lovely wife while you are busy hitting on the cashier

But I will not complain, not now, not ever

as long as I get paid you will see a smile every day.

BTSB: Working From 9 to 5

The White Bear