BTSB: Working From 9 to 5

This year's second issue of Better Than Sliced Bread comes at you with a rather heavy subject at hand: that of the eternal balancing between work and studies. Both of the two figure into the lives of most students: when you're not studying towards a better future job you are working a job to make ends meet in order to fund a lifestyle necessary for any student. It is a sad reality, but for most students having a job isn't a means of gaining luxury, it is a necessary evil.

The possibilities for employment for students of arts and humanities is an issue that has been on the forefront for past years and for good reason: in an economic climate as uncertain as it is (even with recent trends showing an upsurge in the economy) it is of utmost importance for people in our field to demonstrate initiative as far as getting ahead in working life and to prepare ourselves for a life of employment.

However, as our zine does not support such a somber view, we hope that we can briefly draw your thoughts away from the difficulty of working life and studies with this new issue of Better Than Sliced Bread. May your studies be filled with fortune and happiness.

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