SUBliminal Messages: This is just to remind you

…Of the ceaseless, dull hum of the refrigerators. The little-too-bright fluorescents. The groceries that enjoy the nice, cool atmosphere of the shelves. The drop of sweat that drags itself across your temple. Unblinking, you stare forwards: juice, cranberry and grape, juice content 35 per cent. You flinch as you realise a customer approaches your cash desk. The conveyor jolts into movement. An ice-lolly package draws nearer. Solero, Exotic. Beep. A bottle of Corona, chilly to the touch. Beep. A pack of grill sausages (meat content 42%) and a bottle of lighter fluid. Beep, beep. You utter the total and nearly forget to ask for the bonus card. Ka-ching! The customer, who is wearing shades indoors wishes you, grinning, a sunny workday.

…Of the days you can waste indoors, at the desk, at a work station, at a conveyor belt. The days of summer, which by old astronomical definition, start from summer solstice, June 21. or 22. and end at the autumnal equinox, September 22. or 23; or which by another definition encompass the summer months of June, July and August; or which by the definition of thermal seasons start when the daily mean temperature rises to over 10 degrees centigrade and ends when it drops below that limit. To waste the bulk of them. Working. At a summer job. So that you can save enough sugar to get through the prolix winter, only to summer again confined inside four walls. I am a summer child, to explain this effusion.

…That NOW is the time to grasp the nettle and go hunting for a summer job if you do not have one by now. Break a leg! (And don’t worry: there are summers to come when you have time to enjoy the sun, the Solero, the Corona and the crackin’ pack of bangers!) Yours, Klaus (working life rep.) (Post more links to comments, please!)

Drastic Measures

BTSB: Working From 9 to 5