Summer Ode

For the next month or two we are all freefree from the mind-forged manacles of the University no more lectures, no more essays no more homework and failed courses But what shall we do without Shakespeare, without King Lear guiding us through the dark and teaching us the way of sexual innuendo and the mysterious skill to see penises everywhere Well, my friends, we must find another wise man to help us get through the warm summer days Will Smith once said it perfectly right he summed up the purpose of summer time: every day is like a mardi gras, everybody parties all day no work, all play, okay. Listen to the wise man from the West and enjoy the summer to the fullest Get out your speedos, bikinis and such put on some lotion and head to the beach It's summer time and the heat is on everybody should enjoy it while it lasts so get out there and do a topless dance before the next Ice Age freezes your ass.

BTSB Staff Summer Bingo

I say HUMANIST,you say potato! May 2011